Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pitch Day

The first question I have is "Can I make a cost efficient working go cart?" I am setting my budget for $150 for each cart. I can finish 2 or 3 different models. With varying frames. Still the tester is Bryce.  I should be able to have a test drive in a couple months after there's no rain or snow. After the test run, if it is safe. Then I can install the motor.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Testing idea

I know i'm jumping ahead, but i'm just excited. I will test it on art hill, and I will have my friend Bryce do a test run first. If I need to I will have to repair it, and make it stronger. I will post a video of the test run in a few weeks. Bryce will wear proper protection. All safety precautions will be taken to have no injuries.

The next step

  1. I will need to build back rest at a slant for aerodynamics. I would need to buy wheels in the next week or so to reach my goal. After i've gotten my wheels and axles I will need to drill a hole in the front of the cart, and screw a piece of two by four that can spin. After that I will need to drill two holes in another two by four, and feed rope though the holes which will be placed on either end. Then I would feed the rope through the other drilled two by four, and leave a foot of extra length. I would cut off the extra rope, and throw it away. I would tie the ends of each foot together, and make it secure. Then I would have a way to steer.

I need to start on the frame

I'm going to start on the frame. I going to use two two by fours, and i'm going to put them horizontally, and I will use however many wooden planks, and I will screw them in vertically to create a strong frame. I will need to purchase metal rods or pvc pipes, and sized wheels. The wheels preferably will have a good traction. I need to keep my frame lightweight for speed, and good handling.

Monday, November 16, 2015

My 20% time

When I was little I always wanted to make my own go cart. I'm not sure why but i'll just go with it. It seems fun. Just as Shia Labeouf said "DO IT, JUST DO IT!" He also said "Don't let your dreams be dreams." I will need to get wood supplies, and wheels. Preferably lightweight, and tough. It would be nice to get a motor, and I will try to get one but if I have to I can accept going down a steep hill you try it.

My 20% time project

Right now I am in blueprinting. I need to work on getting the supplies. I have some of the supplies. I am definitely making a go cart. I need strong wood to make it. We have some of the supplies but I need a few metal rods, and a thick, long board. Big, and strong enough to fit an adult's entire body on it sitting.